DegensFinance, a community for apes on the binance smart chain

What makes DEGENS unique?

DEGENS is the first ever community owned token on the BSC space. We have a strong and vibrant community on Telegram, and the team of volunteers are working tirelessly every day to expand the project. Join us and be a part of the revolution!

Why BSC Binance Smart Chain) is revolutionary ?

By now, we are all well aware that the Ethereum network has been charging ludicrous gas fees due to its overheating. Too many transactions on the network has caused the network fail on its trusted investors, due to being too inefficient.

This is where the Binance Smart Chain comes in to take over. Transaction fees are around $2 compared to Ethereum’s $100. All transactions are executed smoothly, and efficient trading is possible for all investors on this revolutionary network.

Why we haven’t implemented a farming system yet?

While the idea of large APY from token and LP locking and farming are tempting to buyers, we believe the DEGENS protocol offers a more hands off approach. The problem with farming ranges from impermanent loss, additional LP swaps and another layer of tracking overall. The redistribution mechanic of the token simply allows you to buy and forget, get on with your life and HODL!

Our aim with DEGENS is to tie the ease of use of buying a token with the upside of yield farming returns. Having said this, the developer has a vision to expand as the community grows.

We believe that our simple mechanism and strong, trusted community of individuals can get us far, but as the community grows even larger, we are planning to strike a partnership with AMM’s. This will allow DEGENS owners to stake their tokens, and earn on top of the 3% fees!

How long does the redistribution last? Forever.

Depending on the volume and transaction sizes, the amounts you will receive on a daily basis will surely differ — however they will be constant.

How can I buy?

Head over to Pancakeswap :

How do I get involved?

You can join us over at our Telegram :